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escapade 760

L’ESCAPADE 760 has been developed on the basis of the S500 tiny house for people looking for a simple, harmonious and functional place in which to feel at one with nature. Thanks to a completely glazed facade, this green and affordable modern prefab kit home has the quality of being able to frame a landscape and to offer compact spaces bathed in natural light that feel larger than reality.

An added bonus is that with careful siting, L’ESCAPADE 760 has been designed to make the most of passive solar gain as a source of free & sustainable heating – making it possible for a LEED® Platinum certified, Net Zero Energy or Off-Grid home when suitably equipped. This high specification modular prefab kit is ideal for use as a holiday home, an independent living unit for a growing family or as a guest or rental suite if your property has the space for this 2 bed design.

A true concentration of talent, the home is the result of an exceptional collaboration between renowned Montreal Architects PARA-SOL, and the accomplished manufacturer of modular prefabricated buildings, ÉNERGÉCO CONCEPT.


Architectural features

  • Contemporary modern minimalist style
  • Open floorplan
  • Optimized architecture for passive solar gain
  • A complete bathroom


  • Prefabricated modular construction direct from the factory
  • Made with sustainable materials sourced in the region


  • Modular Design adapted to be anchored to piles, concrete slab-on-grade or existing buildings


  • Exterior panels made of wood fiber panels permeable to water vapour
  • High density cellulose insulation
  • Double inner and outer furring allowing fast electrical wiring installation

Roofing and siding

  • Roll membrane and a combination of steel and cedar siding

Turnkey option
Finishes Available

  • Natural plywood wall & ceiling
  • Possibility of complete factory-finished interiors
  • Selection of VOC-free materials for healthy indoor air quality

Doors & windows

  • High performance triple-glazing
  • Argon gas filled sealed units
  • Double layer of low-emissivity film on glazing panels for maximum insulation & UV protection of furnishings & finishes
  • Average R-value: R6 compared to standard double-glazed at R-2

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