L’Escapade 540

Modular homes

L’Escapade 540


Escapade 540 prefab bungalows

L’Escapade 540 has been developed for people looking for a simple, harmonious and functional place in which to feel at one with nature. Thanks to a completely glazed facade, this green and affordable modern prefab tiny house kit home has the quality of being able to frame a landscape and to offer compact spaces bathed in natural light that feel larger than reality.


Architectural features

  • Contemporary modern minimalist style
  • Open floorplan
  • Optimized architecture for passive solar gain
  • A complete bathroom


  • Prefabricated modular construction direct from the factory
  • Made with sustainable materials sourced in the region


  • Modular Design adapted to be anchored to piles, concrete slab-on-grade or existing buildings


  • Exterior panels made of wood fiber panels permeable to water vapour
  • High density cellulose insulation
  • Double inner and outer furring allowing fast electrical wiring installation

Roofing and siding

  • Roll membrane and a combination of steel and cedar siding

Turnkey option
Finishes Available

  • Natural plywood wall & ceiling
  • Possibility of complete factory-finished interiors
  • Selection of VOC-free materials for healthy indoor air quality

Doors & windows

  • High performance triple-glazing
  • Argon gas filled sealed units
  • Double layer of low-emissivity film on glazing panels for maximum insulation & UV protection of furnishings & finishes
  • Average R-value: R6 compared to standard double-glazed at R-2

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